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Split System Air Conditioning Installation

As the name implies, split systems air conditioners are separated into two central units: the evaporative heat exchanger that blows air into the desired room; and the condensing heat exchanger located outside. This part is usually installed on the ground or mounted on the exterior wall.

Reverse Cycle Option (Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter)

Did you know that not all split air conditioning systems have the ability to both heat and cool? It’s important to consider if a reverse cycle air conditioner would benefit your space. When it comes to Winter, you might regret it if you decided otherwise!

Even when outdoor temperatures are at their lowest, heat energy is still present, and easily transferred indoors with this system. We recommend choosing this option as it’s an affordable and energy-efficient way to keep select rooms and offices warm and comfortable during those colder months.

Economical, Individual Units for Each Room

Split air conditioning systems are the perfect choice if you want to keep certain areas in your home cool, such as your living room, bedroom or office. They are great if you’re installing air con for the first time, as you can start with one or two then install additional units later on. Split systems also mean you generally have more control over your energy costs than others, such as ducted AC, which cool the entire house instead of select areas.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Ducted air conditioners funnel cool air from a central outdoor unit, often located on your roof, through a series of ducts/vents installed in your home. They are most common in offices, shopping centres, schools and other large spaces. It is becoming a more popular choice in family homes for their efficiency, discreteness and comfort.

Zoning Temperature Control

If you choose to install ducted air conditioning in your home, we highly recommend installing a zoning temperature control system. This system allows you to cool or heat individual areas of your home which saves you money and energy in the long run. You can choose to divide your house into a few key zones, or opt to have control of every single room.

Wall Mounted Control Pad

While it all sounds quite complicated to design and install, ducted AC is actually incredibly simple to use. Each system comes with a control pad that we can mount to a wall in your preferred room. We have a wide variety of smart control systems to choose from and can make recommendations based on your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home AC

Split air conditioning systems are the most common units you would see in a smaller family home or office. They are ideal for cooling a single area or room. They are split into two units, the evaporator located in the indoor space and the condensing unit located outside the property.

Ducted air conditioners utilised conceal fan coils ion your ceiling to move air through a series of ducts/vents installed into different rooms in your home or office space. A variety of configurations are available from split ducted to roof top package unit depending on the size of the areas to be cooled/heated.

Yes. Kolda can maintain, service or repair your existing AC unit.

Yes, we can decommission old AC units and remove them from the site for you.

Yes, our services are fixed price but we do offer discounts where there are multiple units in the one location/property.

If your home AC unit is leaking, it’s most likely due to a clogged condensate drain line. We can service or repair your AC by dismantling both the indoor and outdoor units to check and clean out any built up dirt and grime.

Yes we have a 24/7 call out team but there are after hours rates associated with this. Call our team for more info.

To ensure your home AC is running efficiently and maintains its manufacturer warranty, we recommend a qualified refrigeration technician service and clean your AC at least every 12months for a home AC and at least every quarter in a commercial space (some should be monthly).

The filters should be cleaned regularly between services to ensure the AC unit circulates enough air to cool efficiently.

Book a service appointment so one of our technicians can attend the site to inspect and diagnose the issue. We can then provide you with repair or replacement cost options to decide which option best suits you.